Oishei Staffer, Robbins, is Meals on Wheels Champion

Oishei's Knowledge Management Officer, Curtis Robbins, and his daughter, Claire, spent a morning delivering meals as part of last week's “Champions for Meals” event.

The yearly event gives community members the opportunity to volunteer their time to help promote Meals on Wheels for WNY (MOW).

Joining Curtis and Claire was Kelly Campbell, MOW's Planned & Major Gifts Officer (shown here.)

"A lot of hard work goes into preparing and delivering meals for those in need. It was rewarding to lend a hand and at the same time, show my daughter the importance of helping others," stated Robbins.

Meals on Wheels for Western New York serves meals to more than 3,600 homebound clients each year, helping the frail and ill elderly or disabled enjoy the highest level of independence possible. Last year alone they served more than 900,000 meals to the homebound in Erie County and an additional 250,000 to seniors mobile enough to get to a congregate site.

For more info, visit: https://mealsonwheelswny.org/

Paul Hogan is Keynote Speaker at 2016 Poverty Conference

The 2016 Poverty Conference Committee chose Oishei Foundation Executive Vice President Paul Hogan to serve as the conference's keynote speaker on March 4, 2016. Paul's half-hour speech was very well received. Here is a full copy of the speech's text.

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Oishei Scholars' Excellent Presentations

IMG 8698As part of the Oishei High School Scholarship program, Oishei scholars are required to take preparatory classes at Buffalo Prep the summer before they begin high school.

Thanks to Thomas Ezquerro, the Oishei Summer Coordinator for Buffalo Prep and a previous Oishei High School Scholarship recipient, I was invited to view the “final summer projects” of this year's scholarship recipients. Each scholar had to prepare and give a PowerPoint presentation. Students had to tell the class about themselves, the Oishei Foundation, Buffalo Prep and the high school they will be attending in the fall.

Simply put: These 14-year-olds were fantastic. According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. 

Yet these young students just nailed this assignment. 

In general, they were thoughtful, articulate, positive and enthusiastic. I can't help but think about how proud John R. Oishei would be to see how is legacy is helping build bright futures for these talented youth. Here’s a picture of them outside of Buffalo Prep. We'll be posting videos of the presentations on Facebook in the next day or so, so you can see for yourself how well they did.

Congrats, Oishei scholars. Job well done!

By Sally Crowley, Communications Director for the Oishei Foundation

There's Nothing Like First Hand Learning

The best days of my job as Communications Director for the Oishei Foundation are the ones where I go out to interview grantees about their work and meet people who are affected by our support. Yesterday was one of those days.

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What is Knowledge Management?

Our experiences are defined by the people we meet and if we are lucky enough, some of those interactions will open the door to constructive informal learning.  My recent meeting with one such creative mind, Edwin Morris, President of Pioneer Knowledge Services offered me the opportunity to reflect on an important question that is always at the top of my mind: What is knowledge management?

Please take a moment to listen to the podcast above. I welcome your thoughts on what knowledge management means to you and your organization. Drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

By: Curtis Robbins
Knowledge Management Officer for the Oishei Foundation

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

After being in the communications field for decades, I was a bit doubtful about the power of social media when it first came onto the scene. Today, I am a believer. The reach is amazing, and the promotional costs are minimal when compared to traditional paid media.

The numbers are astounding...

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A Letter of Thanks from an Oishei Leader

As I am now in my final moves of getting ready for a two-week vacation, I am getting to the bottom of my "to do" list, where I find writing a letter thanking Oishei for continuing to bring our Oishei Leaders group together.

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Can Lessons Learned in Kindergarten be applied to Philanthropy?

My daughter started Kindergarten last week and I learned more from her experiences than she will ever know. See this is a special time for her; it's about making new friends, expanding her knowledge and most importantly learning to socialize with others. But is there more to it?

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Are you having information overload?

I am always looking for new ways to simplify my life, especially when it comes to managing data/information, which to let you in on a little secret, is becoming increasingly difficult as more information is being produced. With that being said, here's a quick tip that has worked for me that I wanted to share.

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